Is Microwave cooking harmful?

You must cherish the comfort of heating your food at 12 midnight in your microwave after coming back home from a late shift. Wasn’t it a life-changing decision to opt for this magical appliance? Microwave is obviously an innovation which made things simpler and faster, making it the most preferred choice by a large number of […]

Does green tea help in weight loss?

How many times have you heard about green tea is one of the best remedies to lose weight? Due to which you must have wondered considering it as a part of your diet. Green Tea is believed to be one of the best beverages when it comes to making healthy choices. It is loaded with […]

What are Superfoods?

Remember having an immense craving for your favourite dark chocolate? Or an immediate want for a soothing cup of tea in the morning? Well how would you feel if you know that the food you desire is rich in nutrition and is a good source of antioxidants? These are what the researchers name as “superfoods”. […]

Why do we feel hungry even after a meal?

“Why do I still feel hungry? I just had a meal!”; “Why am I always hungry?” – If you often feel this way, this article might be helpful for you! One of the essential functions of food is to provide satiety. Ideally, a person can go for 2 to 3 hours after having a full […]

“Healthy diet for Natural weight loss?”

A healthy balanced diet is the one that helps maintain the overall body’s well being. A healthy diet provides daily essential nutrients, fluid, macro and micronutrients, and sufficient calories to meet daily activities’ needs.A healthy diet must include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and should not include processed/ packaged food or minimize the use of these […]

Eat Guilt Free

Still obsessing over that delicious cheese dripping burger? Or the luscious bite of your chocolate fudge ice cream? Well how about if we normalize the idea of eating our hearts out without feeling guilty? It may not seem easy to concede our choices at first, but it definitely is possible . There isn’t any easier […]

Ways to overcome food addiction

What is ‘food addiction’? Food is necessary for human survival and is a crucial aspect of our wellness, in addition to a means of pleasure and enjoyment. However, in some individuals, this may take the form of addiction. ‘Food addiction’ is characterized by the compulsive consumption of foods, generally foods high in fat and sugar. […]

Iodised Salt: Why Is It Important?

Can you think of any one ingredient which is the soul of every meal you eat? Well, I guess you would! No meal is complete without a little sprinkle of salt in it. While most of us prefer regular salt, the concept of using iodized salt over the years leaves us in a state of […]

Impact of Positive Self – Talk

“Take care about how you talk to yourself because you are the one who is listening.” It is common for us to have a conversation with ourselves in our minds, be it giving instructions to ourselves while performing the daily tasks, or making observations or motivating ourselves. Self-talk refers to the internal narrative one holds […]

Empty Calories

We know we get energy in the form of calories from the food we eat. Calories are an essential part of the diet.But we often hear people saying – “Don’t fill up on empty calories!” Have you ever wondered what that statement means? WHAT ARE THE EMPTY CALORIES Empty calories are present in foods that have […]

Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

We often resort to dieting for maintaining a healthy weight and improve our health. There are so many types of diets to follow. But, does dieting work? And is there a better option than dieting for losing and maintaining weight? Well, you will get to know by the end of this article. What is dieting? […]

Bursting Myths part 1

If you’re trying to Lose Weight, you must have heard many health myths and even believed some of them. But, most of these myths are not correct the way they are represented. Some areas of health and fitness are full of misinformation, where the scientific, religious, and emotional beliefs overlap, so it’s not surprising that […]

Caffeine: Advantages and Disadvantages

“Coffee makes the day better” is the belief of all the procaffeinators. With the fast-paced life, the slowly brewing pots of coffee filled with soothing aroma are a delight to kick-start the day. The mouth-watering taste of cappuccino, latte, americano are the charms of many cafés all around. It is a well-known fact that caffeine […]

Dieting V/S Lifestyle Changes

Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Low carb, and what not….Dieting nowadays has become the trending phrase and an essential part of getting the desired body shape. Someone once said, “Dieting is the only game where you win when you lose.”So keeping this in mind, people start dieting to get the desired zero figure and flat belly. But, […]

Reasons To Quit ‘Dieting’ For Good!

If you have ever followed a diet, you must have felt stuck counting your macronutrient intake, while wishing to eat a favorite food. You must have also felt the guilt of eating something that you wanted to, but it was not a part of your diet plan. This led you to think that to lose […]

Easy Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

Hey all, wanna know the secret formula to lose weight NATURALLY? A lot of people think that the formula can be very elusive and substantial. Step 1- Quitting all your favorite food. Step 2- Hours and hours of exercise and sweating out extra calories. But here’s the thing. The formula is very SIMPLE and NATURAL. […]

Fad diets : Ins and Outs

Let’s imagine it’s January, so you ate a lot over the holidays and now are looking for a way to drop the extra pounds, or perhaps you’ve been wanting to fit into those old jeans for a while now. What are you going to do? Option 1: make small changes that take time to see […]

Demystifying Fad Diets

Diet is anything that you eat. But for some reason, today, the word ‘diet’ has become synonymous with trying to lose weight by reducing or cutting down the amount of food you’re eating. People say – “I’m going on a diet for some days.” But, the truth is that you’ve been on a diet since […]

Ghee (Clarified Butter) and Coconut Oil

If you think all fat is bad for you, you might need to re-think it! Fat is a macronutrient, just like protein and carbohydrates, your body needs some fat for energy, to absorb vitamins, and to protect your heart and brain health. How healthy is ghee for you? Ayurveda, India’s 5,000-year-old traditional “science of life,” […]

6 Excellent Plant-Based Proteins Sources

Proteins, a macronutrient made up of amino acids, plays a crucial role in growth and repair to maintain health. Proteins have a wide variety of functions in our body; be it enzymes that catalyze chemical reactions inside our body, the collagen that provides structural support for connective tissue or hormones like insulin are all proteins. […]