Is Aluminium foil harmful?


Is Aluminium foil harmful?

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When it comes to counting down the most common household products used in our kitchens, you’ll find ‘aluminium foil’ as a common answer.

This tin foil or a shiny sheet of aluminium metal is made by rolling large slabs of aluminium until they are less than 0.2 mm thick. Widely used for packaging, transportation, also being one of the most widely available products for grocery stores, aluminium foil has made itself to be a very useful product. Talking about aluminium in general, it is one of the most abundant metals on earth. Not just in air or water, small amounts of it can be easily found in our food. It is naturally occurring in most of the fruits and vegetables. Also in meat, fish and dairy products.

With a fine amount of aluminium content loaded within the food we intake, it is true that the amount of this substance tends to rise when the use of aluminium foil increases, especially while cooking. Studies have vastly shown how the usage of aluminium foil in cooking your favourite meals, might not seem like a big deal at first, but it is definitely attached to potential health risks. One such study found that while cooking red meat in aluminium foil, the aluminium content within the
meat tends to rise between 90% to 378%, which clearly indicates how harmful it can become for our body.


Along with the many harmful and potential risk factors that this substance carries, one suspicion is that it causes ‘Alzheimer’s disease’, a neurological condition caused by a loss of brain cells, which can be easily triggered by too much intake of dietary aluminum.

High Intake of this substance in your food can be very harmful to people suffering from bone diseases. Not only this, but it tends to harness the growth rate of brain cells within the body as well. Although, certain debates still continue, determining whether the harmful effects of this substance are actually that extreme or it is just a myth. Some people do believe that as aluminum is all around us, it’s regular contact with humans does not appear to cause a major problem. While some still stay firm on their beliefs of this substance being one of the causes for health disturbances created within the body. This doesn’t necessarily mean that one should discard the use of aluminum foil from their daily usage. What’s wiser is to reduce the regular amount from your daily meals.

Avoiding high heat cooking or using non-aluminum utensils can be your starters for avoiding too much of this substance within your food.
A large amount of commercially processed foods are also believed to be packaged in aluminum foils, having a higher chance of harming the body. Thus, eating home-cooked food can easily reduce the intake you can have of this substance.
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