Bursting Myths part 1

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Bursting Myths part 1

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If you’re trying to Lose Weight, you must have heard many health myths and even believed some of them. But, most of these myths are not correct the way they are represented.

Some areas of health and fitness are full of misinformation, where the scientific, religious, and emotional beliefs overlap, so it’s not surprising that some things would get misunderstood or misrepresented.

To help us separate fact from fiction, we had a Live Talk on “Bursting Health Myths-Part 1” with HCPC Registered Dietitian, Ms. Ramanpreet, London, on August, 1st 2020. This talk helped us understand some of the common myths about health and the facts behind them. Watch the video below to debunk the following health myths-

1. Everything healthy is the best.

2. Gluten is Bad.

3. All fat is bad.

4. Fat makes you fat.

5. Carbs make you fat.

6. Are carbs most calorific?

7. You Should Remove Sugar Entirely From Your Diet.

8. Fruits can cause weight gain, so should you avoid them.

9. Eating too much protein is good.

10.  Egg Yolks Are Bad for You.

Also, get information about the importance of counting calories and why it should be a lifelong process? And if you’re interested in weight loss/weight gain or maintain a healthy weight, Join Health Click Away to help you adopt healthy habits, so you can maintain targeted weight naturally, which is sustainable and can keep off the excess weight.

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