How to keep our self physically active

How to keep our self physically active 01

How to keep our self physically active

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Usually we are capable of doing anything; but sometimes our mind acts as a barrier and becomes lazy and feels lethargic. It’s our mind we have to convince. It may be easier than you think to make exercise an enjoyable part of your everyday life. You know there are multiple reasons for exercising regularly- from improving energy, mood, sleep, and health to reducing anxiety, stress, and depression. Apart from various advantages exercising holds, its greatest advantage is its lower risk of chronic diseases. You’ll feel energetic, fresh and fantastic. Strength grows in the moment when you think you can’t go on, but you keep going anyway

Here are some different activities which help you to be physically active without any expensive gym membership or weight equipment. These are some activities that will pump your heart and at the same time put a little fun into your exercise routine –

Try Community Exercise Classes: Community classes are a way to meet new individuals, have a teacher to maintain good form and effort, and stay inspired to go each time. Find a teacher who has both experience and enthusiasm. By having people around you who are passion driven to pursue a healthy version of them, this will motivate you to work out harder and even happier. Even meeting new people will boost up your confidence level.

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Listen to music and workout :- There many dance forms through which you can burn those extra calories. Zumba, aerobic, Bhangra. This is how you can enjoy the music also and you can lose your extra pounds in a fun and exciting way. This also helps you in relaxing your mind.

Distract yourself through Television: Don’t find excuses to skip your exercise. Keep your will power strong and don’t get distracted.

Simply walking: Running isn’t for everyone, and it’s completely all right! It can be just as efficient to walk at a good enough speed to get the heart rate up. Research shows that brisk walking or slow jogging will improve the health of the heart and minimize mortality. Keep a note on your steps, download any app or fitbit to keep a note. Set a target and keep yourself motivated to achieve it.

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Frisbee routines: Frisbee is a quick and simple way for a friend to get going. Count how many times, without losing it, you can throw the frisbee back and forth and make it more of a workout by challenging them to make you sprint for it.

Catching and kicking: Anyone with children will know that entertaining them often takes precedence over taking care of your own wellbeing. Use one stone to kill two birds and carry them to the park to kick a footy or chuck a ball back and forth. When everyone has practiced their ability to kick, throw and catch, take it to the next stage by challenging them to throw or kick for a long time and making you run for it!

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Deep scrub, deep clean: Did you know it can be beneficial for your body to keep your house and yard in tip-top shape, too? You don’t need to choose between your to-do list for your household and going out for exercise, just choose a job and pass!

Going shopping: You may not think of it as a physical activity, but you can add a lot of steps to your day by shopping. You need to buy a few items next time, take the long way and enjoy some window shopping!

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