A Powerful, Intuitive & Intelligent Health & Fitness App for iOS and Android

Struggling to lose those stubborn inches? Want to build six-pack abs? Or, are you working hard to maintain a nutritious diet for a healthy, fulfilling life?
Health Click Away is a health & fitness app for iPhone and Android that helps you eat healthy no matter why or where—at home, work, or a restaurant. Because we know it’s not about crash diets or sweating out at the gym for hours. It’s the small changes that make a big impact.
This AI-based app learns your meal patterns and lifestyle to help you get into a healthy mindset. It provides tailored, data-driven recommendations on everything, from the right portion size, water intake, healthiest eating out options, personalized diets, workout routines, grocery shopping, and more.
It’s your round-the-clock fitness guide that’s just a click away!

Health Click Away