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Meet Health Click Away

Health Click Away is the best health and fitness app that is designed to help all individuals experience a happier, healthier and more fit life.

The activity tracking app gives every individual the chance to stay motivated every second of every day. At Health Click Away, our incredible team of nutrition experts and fitness coaches work to create a community that supports and challenges clients in the best way possible.

The Health Click Away app is built to inspire you to eat healthier and exercise more. It’s practical and convenient and is definitely your guide to a whole new way of life.

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How It Works

nutrition tracker

Your preferred choice 

Use the Health Click Away smart evaluation tool and choose a meal type from a range of options.  

best fitness tracker

Keep a track of your progress 

Log in your daily meal trends and tabulate your step count with the smartest health and fitness app.  

best food tracking app

Keep going 

With the Health Click Away app, you can stay motivated 24/7. Whatever it is you are going after, be it burning calories or finding a workout routine of your choice, every time you complete a task the app records your successes and encourages you to move forward.  

Nutrition & Fitness tracking app

It’s achievable 

Whether it’s finding healthy recipes, a fitness routine that works for you, a meal plan that encourages you to eat healthier or choosing more wholesome ingredients at a grocery store, the Health Click Away app is always just a click away. 

Why Choose Health Click Away?

fitness tracking

Fitness tracking 

With the Health Click Away, you can now track your daily step count and even keep a tab on your level of physical activity. It’s the best fitness tracker!
Search over 60+ nutrients

Search over 60+ nutrients 

Find budget friendly healthy ingredients, monitor your calorie intake with the calorie counter and use the meal tracker to understand meal composition and portion size.
Nutritious recipes on the go

Nutritious recipes on the go 

Browse through Health Click Away’s catalog of well crafted recipes or
add your own recipe in exchange for health points.

health & fitness coach

Connect with professionals 

Worried about falling behind? Connect anytime with our team of health and fitness coaches online. Get FREE guidance and health tips with the Health Click Away basic plan.
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We want to support you 

By being part of the Health Click Away community, you have the opportunity to learn, grow and share your experiences with others too. We support you.

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Assistance needed? 

Having any technical issues? We are here to help you in any way we can. Our business relies on customer happiness. Contact us and we will assist you.

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