Are you tired of starving to lose a few inches? Here’s a ‘Smartest’ Health & Fitness app to your rescue!

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by your daily efforts to eat healthy. Throw in the demands of modern life, and we have an even bigger problem: Frequent dining out. What to eat? How much to eat and when? How much water to drink per day? How to count your macros and micros? Keeping a track of it all may seem a lot like putting together a puzzle. Health Click Away solves it for you! Health Click Away is an AI-based health & fitness app that helps you make better food choices, every day, whether you’re eating at home, at work, or at a restaurant. It learns your meal patterns and activity to recommend small changes that you can put into practice easily. Because it’s not about crazy diet plan, and gym time, It’s about discovering fitness in everyday life.


Discipline your lifestyle

Wondering what to eat, where to find healthy food, or what items to choose when eating out? With Health Click Away, you can grab a healthy meal or snack of your choice during your mealtimes. Plus, it helps you select items from the menu that suit your calorie goals. So you’ll never miss the boat on healthy eating, no matter where you are!

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Track every imaginable food

Do you feel calorie counting is a chore? Not anymore. Health Click Away lets you track 60+ nutrients for 500K+ foods with ease. Thanks to its ever-growing database, you can even check the calories and nutritional content for over 266K menu items from 1500+ restaurants and fast-food chains across the US.

Create custom diet plans

Do you feel it’s challenging to follow a diet? With this Health Click Away app, getting on a custom diet plan is a breeze. You can generate a tailored diet plan or use a diet plan crafted by professionals. For each meal time, you’ll get a notification about the food items in your plan, which further eases the process of meal tracking.

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Healthy grocery shopping made easy

Are you trying hard to keep your kitchen pantry stocked with everything you need in order to follow your healthy diet plan? Health Click Away automates the grocery list, assists you at the store, keeps track of the budget, and does so much more. It takes the stress out of grocery shopping!

Get the full picture of your health & fitness

Want to accelerate your progress and performance? The app’s health dashboard offers a complete view of your health journey from the macro breakdown to micro nutrient intake, water intake, and calories burned.⦁ So you have every info that you need on your fingertips.

Earn cash while achieving your goals

Struggling to stay on track with your fitness goals? Zip through every stage, your fitness journey and stay motivated to check in with the app daily with opportunities to earn cash. Every activity you do on the app gives you more opportunities. You can use the cash earned to keep the subscription going.

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Find healthy recipes

Wondering what healthy recipes to cook for your next meal? With Health Click Away, you’ll never run out of ideas! You’ll not only discover a world of tasty and easy, low-calorie recipes, but even create your own recipes, and the shares in place of share. Earn cash is so informally used we can put cash points or rewards in that place.
Get incentivized to eat healthy like never before!

Get access to a vibrant fitness community

Looking for some fitness inspiration? Become a part of Health Click Away’s fast-growing fitness community. Interact with health freaks from across the world, benefit from guidance, tips, and support from fitness achievers to stay on track, and share your fitness story, across various social media platforms.