Myths about Diet and Dieting

Myths about Diet and Dieting

Myths about Diet and Dieting

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Now-a-days people are getting conscious about their health, weight and lifestyle. Social media is overloaded with information on health and fitness. The most searched hash tags on social media are: easy ways to lose weight, how to lose weight in 10 days, how to get beautiful skin and the list goes on. Every other person on social media is becoming a fitness influencer, showcasing their perfect body shape, flawless skin and a perfect lifestyle. People are getting influenced, without even knowing how our body works. With the endless information about diet, dieting and health, people get confused and usually go with the process which is short and gives quick results, without even knowing whether it’s healthy or not. They put their health at risk as most of the information is incorrect and are myths.

But there are few points which we need to understand for healthy and proper weight loss:-

Healthy diet is important for natural weight loss.

Eat guilt free.

Little change is important for weight loss.

You need to be stress free

Choose your source of information wisely.

For sustainable weight loss – it’s important to consume a balanced diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Health Click Away” is a smart health and fitness app that can be your health companion to help you LOSE WEIGHT naturally, which is sustainable. We know there are endless questions and it’s better to choose the right source of information. We nutritionists are here for you to solve your endless questions and help you to take a step towards your healthy and happier version.

Check out the video below of the Facebook Live talk with Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics Maneesha Rana to know more about The Popular Questions about Diet.

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