Pickle: A sour relish


Pickle: A sour relish

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There can never be a time when you don’t have a jar full of pickles at home. It’s either one of your mom’s favourite recipes to make at home , or your dad’s utmost priority when he goes grocery shopping.

Pickles are made by fermenting cucumbers in a brine of salt, vinegar, and sometimes seasonings like garlic, onion, or sugar. Over a period of a few days or weeks, bacteria on the surface of the cucumbers converts its naturally-occurring sugars into lactic acid, which gives the pickle their sour taste, preserving them, and killing off bad bacteria.And there you have your tangy, sour pickle, making your meals even more delicious.They are not only best looking alongside a burger and fries, but they also carry a lot of health benefits.


Pickles are believed to be rich in Vitamin K which is important for a number of body processes majorly including blood clotting, our bone’s absorption and use of calcium, and keeping that calcium out of our arteries. For just a few calories, an average pickle provides about 14 micrograms of vitamin K.As believed by some researchers, Fermented foods contain healthy bacteria that help strengthen our gut and immune system. These healthy bacteria are termed as probiotics, which helps maintain balance in the gastrointestinal system so that it is easier for our body to digest the food properly and absorb the nutrients required.But, for some people it is not easy to get a load of 1-2 pickle spears along their food. Hence, they can easily reap the benefits of pickle by incorporating a spear or two in their sandwiches or salads, easily adjusting them in their everyday diet.Can you imagine a piece of pickle as your best hangover buddy? When our body goes into a state of dehydration and loss of liquids due to alcohol, or maybe when we’re out in the sun, bearing the heat for too long, our body requires a good amount of water and extra fluids to prevent us from feeling drowsy. That is where a swig from the pickle bottle comes handy. So now you know what to do when you’re feeling a little woozy after a long night or panicked after a hot day.Trust me, it is a saviour. We do know that a lot of us love having pickles, making them our companions in every meal. But is it ideal to eat pickles everyday?

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No, it is not a good idea to consume them every day.
Pickles are full of sodium, because of the presence of excessive amounts of salt. They also contain a lot of oil, which is added to them while preserving them. The reason why their excessive consumption can become harmful is due to the common knowledge that foods that are high in salt and grease are bad for the heart. They end up in increased levels of cholesterol in the body and are unfavorable for our overall health. But don’t worry. You need not give a second thought while adding a spicy and tangy twist to your monotonous meals if taken in adequate and reasonable amounts. For a gateway to a healthy lifestyle and more such fitness tips, don’t forget to check out the smartest health and fitness app Health Click Away.

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