Iodised Salt: Why Is It Important?

Iodised Salt: Why Is It Important?

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Can you think of any one ingredient which is the soul of every meal you eat? Well, I guess you would!

No meal is complete without a little sprinkle of salt in it. While most of us prefer regular salt, the concept of using iodized salt over the years leaves us in a state of wonderment about what it actually is and whether or not it is a necessary part of the diet. Salt is an important and popular condiment that is massively used in various foods not only to help enhance the taste but it has its own health benefits too. Reducing the blandness of every meal, it also carries the nutrient value of providing adequate sodium to the body. Sodium being an important and essential element to control the body’s fluids and muscle function makes the presence of salt in food even more essential.

But the substitution of a sodium diet with a balanced iodized intake is required to help strike the perfect balance of nutrients within the body.

Iodine, which is a trace mineral commonly found in dairy products, grains, seafood, and eggs, has a restricted consumption capacity in our daily meal.

The concerning fact here is that not many people feel like ingesting themselves with these food types and as this mineral can not be produced naturally in our bodies, it leaves us with a big fat bummer. Hence, the definition of iodized salt becomes self-explanatory.

In various countries, it is preferably combined with table salt to help prevent the problem of iodine deficiency. The giving factor of this magic mineral serves as an important element for better performance of thyroid glands, producing the hormones aiding in tissue repair, regulating metabolism, and boosting body growth.

It qualifies to cure deficiencies like goiter which has always been a major concern for people around the world, currently concerning around 75% of children in certain areas of the United States of America. With the availability of iodized salt, the significance of treating our bodies with a balanced meal, in this hectic generation, feels accomplished.

Although, People do debate on why iodized salt is important for all and not just restricted to the ones facing certain deficiencies? To simply answer that, Regular salt only provides the body with sodium, an excess of which can cause various health problems like stroke, high blood pressure, and other health-related issues. Whereas, the consumption of iodized salt not only makes our meal sumptuous but it also keeps it healthy.

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