Importance of Good Sleep Cycle

Importance of sleep

Importance of Good Sleep Cycle

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Sleep is a relaxing and essential function that allows our body and mind to recharge and refresh our body to perform the next day’s functions. Healthy sleep cycle helps the body to function properly and stave off diseases. Inadequate sleep impairs our learning, memory, and cognitive capacity. It impairs the body’s ability and in severe cases leads to brain damage, and raises the risk of a number of diseases, including cancer, diabetes, coronary heart disease, and even death. Adequate sleep, on the other hand, strengthens our mental, emotional, and physical well-being and capabilities in ways that no drugs or medicines can.

Sleep is important for keeping our brain free of toxins, in addition to assisting us in learning and memory formation. During the sleep, the molecular composition of our brain changes, allowing the cerebrospinal fluid to filter out toxic chemicals and this help in the prevention of neurological disorders and the maintenance of a healthy brain, it is also essential for muscle repair and regulation, it regulated the calorie intake, improves the body’s performance level, lower the risk of inflammation in the body, prevent depression, improve our immunity and prevent excessive weight gain.


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But do you know disturbed sleep can have many adverse health consequences, including fatigueness, low energy levels, decreased cognitive focus, anxiety, depression, and weight gain. There are various reasons for disturbed sleep like physical illness, stress, shift works, poor sleep habits, consumption of alcohol or caffeine, certain medications, usage of gadgets at night up etc. And in the long term it increases the risk of many health problems. But there is no need to live with the burden of disturbed sleep; it can be changed with good sleep hygiene.

1) Try to maintain the timings of everything, 2) Avoid the usage of gadgets at least 2 hrs before going  to bed, 3) Wash your face and feet before going to bed, 4) Include breathing exercise before going to bed, 5) Involve some kind of exercise in your routine,6) Meditate for at least 15-20 minutes every day.



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