Benefits of Cardio Exercise – Zumba

Benefits of Cardio Exercise Zumba 001

Benefits of Cardio Exercise – Zumba

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If you’re looking for a power packed, energetic and lively exercise routine that helps you shed a few pounds, without getting bored there is no better activity than Zumba. Zumba is one of the best ways to burn all those extra calories while having fun and doing what you love, which is “Dance”. It also acts as a great stress buster due to the high and active vibes combined with great music. Let’s see what the benefits of performing Zumba are:-

Great for weight loss: The most obvious benefit of zumba is that it helps us shedding our weight very fast because this is a highly intense workout that helps you burning the calories continuously for an hour. You can burn anywhere around 600-1000 calories just in one hour of a zumba class. It keeps you active and your heart rate high and music enlightens your mood.

Tone Up Our Body: Zumba requires us to use all the parts of your body at once, all the muscles of the body are equally engaged and it helps tone every muscle, sometimes light weights are used as it targets multiple muscle groups at once and helps you to give that toned look!

Benefits of zumba

Improves coordination: Zumba requires a high amount of energy as you are using all your body parts at once. You engage multiple groups of muscles and have to coordinate the movements for example, A typical Zumba routine would require you to use your hands and legs together for various movements whilst also staying focused on the routine; this improves hand-eye coordination, mind-body coordination, and upper body-lower body coordination. The alternating and rhythmic beats in the music helps you stay on track with the steps.

Helps you de-stress as well as makes you happy: Zumba has the capacity to increase endorphins in the body which is the happy hormone. People get energetic with music and stay lively throughout the workout.  It helps in concentrating, improves your sleep cycle and improves your cognitive functions. It also helps in boosting your confidence in the crowds.

Benefits of zumba

Zumba workouts are nowadays considered as one of the best workouts because it is not only keeping you fit and active but makes you connect with your body and mind in the most fun and interesting way! Zumba alone will not reap you results unless your diet is in check too, your diet makes 70% of the difference. Not to worry as we at Health Click Away are here to help you! Download our app to get daily recipes and food facts, also count your calories to keep a check of your daily calorie intake. With Health Click Way, stay fit and stays healthy!

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