Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

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Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

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We often resort to dieting for maintaining a healthy weight and improve our health. There are so many types of diets to follow. But, does dieting work? And is there a better option than dieting for losing and maintaining weight?

Well, you will get to know by the end of this article.

What is dieting?

Dieting refers to restricting oneself to small amounts or particular kinds of food, mainly to lose weight.

So, when you diet, you temporarily change your food habits to achieve your goal, which is weight loss.

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But, is dieting healthy for you?

Various studies show that people usually regain the previous weight that they had lost during the dieting period.

So, dieting is not a foolproof way of losing and maintaining weight. 

Is there a better way than dieting to improve your health?

The answer is – YES.

The better way to approach weight loss is through making changes to your lifestyle to lose weight and also improve your overall health.

Lifestyle changes include –

  • EATING HEALTHY – Avoiding highly processed and refined foods, foods high in sugar such as sugary beverages and foods high in salt. Eating more of whole foods such as whole grains and cereals, fruits and vegetables, pulses, and legumes.
  • EXERCISING REGULARLY – Moderate intensity exercise for at least 150 minutes per week.

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  • AVOIDING STRESS – It also includes managing and coping with stress in a healthy way.
  • GETTING PROPER SLEEP – 7 to 9 hours every night.

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How is making changes in lifestyle better than dieting?

  • There are lesser restrictions in maintaining a healthy lifestyle than maintaining a diet. You also experience lower cravings when you make changes to your lifestyle because you are not on a restrictive diet.
  • Weight loss through healthy changes in lifestyle is long-term, unlike dieting.
  • Changing your lifestyle means improving the quality of food you eat, whereas dieting means a reduced amount of food, sometimes even starving your body.
  • While dieting focuses on weight loss only, healthy lifestyle changes emphasize on overall health.

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Health Click Away is an Artificial Intelligence-powered smart app. It helps you in achieving your health and fitness goals without any highly restrictive diet through healthy lifestyle changes and mindful eating.

It helps to track your calorie intake and exercise, contains healthy and delicious recipe ideas, and reminds you of when it’s time for your next meal and to drink water.

So, don’t eat less, lose weight naturally with Health Click Away.

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