Foods that can improve your Mental Wellness.

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Foods that can improve your Mental Wellness.

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We all know physical health is essential for well-being, but sometimes we neglect our mental health. In today’s fast-paced life it’s difficult to take time out for ourselves. So let talk about the foods that can improve your health, specifically mental well-being. The following are:


Fish is a very healthy food choice, as it contains a high volume of Omega 3 acids. Omega 3 has been associated with improvements in mental health issues such as mood. It is also said to improve our memory capability.

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2.Whole Grains

The whole grain family is enormous. Some of the examples are Beans, Soya, Oats, wholewheat pasta/flour, etc. Whole grains usually help you balance the level of serotonin, keeps your hormones and moods in balance, fight with anxiety and depression.


Avocado is enriched with vitamin K and folate, which gives protection to your brain from stroke by helping with your body’s ability to clot blood. It helps in boosting your memory and concentration.

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The green leafy vegetable contains folic acid, which promotes the mental being, a significant deterrent to depression. The other unknown fact is that spinach helps you in sleeping, it is a good antinode of Insomnia.

5.Dry Fruits and Nuts

Nuts also contain a high amount of saturated fat, which helps in fighting with depression. Almonds also improve your hormones and mood in balance and also helps in improving your memory.

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6.Dark Chocolates

If you are a chocolate lover and find reasons to eat Chocolate, then we are providing you a fine cause. Dark Chocolate has a high level of antioxidant- Flavonoids, which helps in fighting with a confusing mind, boost concentration and helps in enhancing memory.

Just a little beauty tip- Eating dark Chocolate reduces the dark circles. But remember eat everything in moderation!

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The known fact of Tomato is it is suitable for skin, but have you ever thought about the hidden fact? Do you also know that tomatoes can improve your mental health? Yes, tomatoes contain a high amount of lycopene, which helps the brain to fight with diseases. Lycopene also boosts up your memory, makes your mind attentive, sharp your logic and concentration, and at last, it keeps you away from depression.

8.Olive Oil

Generally, doctors recommend olive oil because it is suitable for the heart. Olive Oil contains the polyphenols, also known for good heart health and also increase memory and defend your brain against depression and anxiety.

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Fermented foods like Yogurt contain probiotic bacteria, related to the human behavioral changes and digestive system; probiotics have shown a significant role in decreasing stress and anxiety. Yogurt also contains potassium and magnesium, which provides oxygen to the brain and improves the functionality of the mind.

Try consuming these foods, as they really can help your brain and it’s functionality.

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You are more PRECIOUS to this world than you ever know, enjoy life in a healthy body and mind! We can’t control everything in life, but we can control what we put in our bodies!

Good Food, Good Mood!

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