Emotional eating : Good or Bad ?


Emotional eating : Good or Bad ?

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We all must have heard the phrase “eating our feelings” some time in our lives.  All of us have had a sudden craving for a tub of ice cream or a huge creamy bar of chocolate right after an emotionally draining day. We also watch movies that show the characters sitting in cosy blanket with a huge tub of ice cream right after getting their heart broken or treating themselves with huge meal after their successful meeting.

The term “emotional eating” has pretty negative connotations. It is usually used to refer people who crave and eat food as a direct response to negative emotions, like stress or sadness. That’s not quite accurate; according to Dr. Paige Smathers, emotional eating is “Eating for reasons other than hunger, such as using food to cope, numb, or deal with a difficult emotion, thought, or feeling.” Emotional eating cannot always be a bad thing, it is known to give a sudden boost in mood and makes us feel better immediately. Emotional eating should not be a regular pattern.


There can be negative consequences if the behaviour occurs frequently and over an extended period of time, which Dr. Linton says could result in “feelings of guilt, shame, remorse, gastrointestinal issues, and in some cases lead to the development of eating disorders.” Balance is essential; indulging in your comfort food once in a while may be a good option but try not to make a pattern out of it. Look for other avenues to vent your emotions; hit the gym or go for a long drive or have a conversation with your friends, indulge in different type of activities.


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