Soda-addiction and Side-effects

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Soda-addiction and Side-effects

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Do you often find yourself chugging soda with any of your meals? Has it become a permanent beverage item in your refrigerator? Well this is when you should realise that you have an addiction. Soda is one such drink that is made with a potential habit-forming ingredient having strong capacity to build a dependency towards it, which is not a good thing. Soda addiction, or the dependence on such carbonated drinks in your daily routine, can lead to unwanted weight gain. Other than this, several major problems like fatty liver disease, dental issues, weakened bones, heart disease, and depression are linked to it.

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Researchers are still carving an official definition for this addiction. As of now, it isn’t considered as a true disorder, but is a vital concern for everyone, especially the youth. The symptoms associated with it are related to the brain and nervous system. The strong cravings, the thirst for having soda every day, the inability to moderate this intake, is all part of the symptoms one experiences. A lot of times, people trying hard to get rid of this unwanted habit, fail miserably because of it’s irresistible ingredients like, caffeine, sodium, artificial sweeteners, etc.It is also observed that addicted people often become irritable and moody when they get caught up in a situation of unavailability of soda.

Side-effects of this craving
So far we’ve established that soda is a major addiction, and over time it gets harder and harder to escape this craving. It is important for us to know what cons are attached to it.

Soda drinkers often find themselves developing yellow teeth and worn out enamels, making them prone to cavities and other dental issues.

Phosphoric Acid, an ingredient of Dark soda is a cause for osteoporosis, which is a condition of brittle bones.

It is a massive calorie developer containing about 100 calories per 8-ounce serving, all full of sugar. This means, addicts consuming larger amounts in a day, can subtotal their calorie intake up to 600 or more each day. This sugar intake is a big reason why soda drinkers find themselves gaining weight rapidly. The artificial sweeteners present to make it difficult for them to resist.

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Psychological studies have shown various reasons why people feel content and sufficed after having soda. The caffeine present in it causes our brain to release dopamine, also known as the happy hormone, helping people experience the pleasure of having soda. This is why they often fail to understand that the more they consume it, the lesser would be the dopamine response. By the time they understand this, they are already considered addicts. But, addiction is a very subjective matter. If one is determined, they can easily quit this dependence

You should remember that soda is not your reward for every accomplishment and definitely not your hope for settling an emotional crunch. Try finding various alternatives like, flavored limes juice, unsweetened ice tea, black or herbal tea, etc., recipes for these are available for you on our app Health Click Away. So, download the smartest health and fitness app Health Click Away, and learn the right way to generate the same dopamine response within you. Remember, developing a taste for something is appreciable but excess of everything is bad.

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