How to overcome food addiction?

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How to overcome food addiction?

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Do you always find yourself questioning about your bizarre food choices? Or why the idea of eating junk triggers you the most? Then this blog will help you overcome your food addiction.
One might wonder, is food addiction really ‘a thing’?
Well it certainly is. Food addiction refers to the idea of how certain foods can trigger an addictive response in people. This concept is also believed to be one of the reasons why people get obese, ignoring the importance of a healthier diet.
Over the years, various studies have been conducted to closely identify the key elements related to this term. Evidence has shown that various processed foods take advantage of the same neurobiological systems in the brain, same as illicit drugs, namely the dopamine and opiate systems. Both these systems are responsible for the perceived value of reward from food and drugs. Damaging of which can lead to redacting in the reward value.
The term ‘binge-eating disorder’ was introduced for people who showed behavioural evidence for their food addiction. These people were believed to have a loss of control during their periods of consumption.

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According to an available research, a substance taken in larger amounts and for longer periods than intended leads to persistent desire to eat and unsuccessful attempts to quit. These variant consumptions are typically triggered by random cravings having a negative effect. One fails to control their appetite despite having the knowledge of adverse consequences. By this point, you might be wondering how this problem of food addiction can be treated.Well, to a problem like this, researchers like to borrow psychological treatment techniques that are known to be effective for this binge-eating disorder.
Some important strategies provided by them are :

  • Normalising eating behaviour: Adopting a pattern of flexible and regular eating is important. Limiting yourself to 3 meals and 3 snacks per day is the key to eliminate any unwanted cravings that might trigger your compulsive eating.This technique is best adopted when planned beforehand. This helps you to know when and what to eat exactly.
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  • Ability to solve the problem : Compulsive eating is a very predictable thing.Remember eating a good amount of ice cream and brownie when you were in a bad mood? Or having some cheese loaded fries when you were stressed out? Learning how to effectively resolve these problems without resorting to food is necessary to regain control over your eating.
  • Build a healthy relationship with food :It is not a good idea to restrict your cravings every time.You should give your body what it needs, but why not make it a little healthy?Someone suffering with food addiction must learn how to eat properly by establishing a healthy relationship with food.
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  • Seek Professional Advice: Beating a food addiction is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. It is possible but it may take a while.A dietitian, specialised in the area of disordered eating, can become your easy help.They will not only provide you with the strategies but help you implement them appropriately.

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