Good Food Bad Food

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Good Food Bad Food

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“Don’t eat sugary foods.”

“Don’t eat food cooked with fat or oil.”

“Start eating salads.”

“Stop eating meat.”

“Stop eating dairy products.”

“Limit your carbs intake.”

Heard any of these? 

These phrases have been prevalent for a long time, and without proper knowledge, have been proven to be misleading. 

The rising number of diseases in the past few years has put people into introspection. People have started caring more about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and getting the right nutrition in the right way.

Society has been labeling food as ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ where pizzas and burgers fall under the ‘bad’ category, whereas broccoli and spinach excel in the ‘good’ one.

Labeling food or forbidding a few food items, them more desirable, which may lead to the overindulgence of such foods.

According to science, knowledge of proper nutrition is continually changing with evidence. Just a few years back, Carbohydrates, the primary source of energy, were essential and “good,” but now people are refraining from them. Fats that were all “bad” and unhealthy have changed their status. Now, we have “good fats” and “bad fats.” Our notion of what healthy food and a healthy diet are continually changing for several years.

These changing notions confuse people more than help them. Apart from the fear of diseases and an unhealthy body, people now have a social burden of eating the ‘right’ foods. Instead of making food choices according to their body’s needs, people make choices, which help them to fit in the ‘righteous’ society. 

So, which foods are ‘good’ and which ones are ‘bad’?


All foods provide nutrients to the body. Even a burger contains a whole range of nutrients. 

But as the saying goes, “Too much of anything is bad.” 

Excess calories can lead to obesity, which can lead to many diseases, such as heart diseases and diabetes. So, eating in “MODERATION,” a healthy balanced diet, is the key.

Our body needs all the nutrients but in different quantities. Too much of any nutrient can be harmful. Even excess intake of water can be detrimental to some people, by throwing the delicate fluid to electrolyte ratio in their bloodstream off-balance.

As Ruchika Gupta (CEO, Health Click Away) says, “Never curtail your taste buds, just curtail your portion size.

To enjoy your favorite foods, you need to know about your body and its requirements first. Based on your daily energy intake and expenditure, you can easily calculate your estimated required calorie and nutrient quantities and choose to eat what you like, but in moderation.

Food should be free from judgments. Food is an art, and it should be appreciated and enjoyed.

Be mindful of your food, see it, smell it, feel it in your mouth, taste, texture, temperature, see how it melts, listen to its crisps, feel its softness or nuttiness, feel it completely, RECONNECT WITH YOUR FOOD. 

Join the app, Health Click Away, which can help you to stay fit and eat mindfully. Learn about your health parameters, estimated calorie requirements, and plan your meals accordingly, to aim for a healthier life.

Life is precious, enjoy it in a healthy body“- Ruchika Gupta (CEO, Health Click Away).

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