Eat Guilt Free

Eat Guilt Free

Eat Guilt Free

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Still obsessing over that delicious cheese dripping burger? Or the luscious bite of your chocolate fudge ice cream? Well how about we normalize the idea of eating our hearts out without feeling guilty? It may not seem easy to concede our choices at first, but it definitely is possible .

There isn’t any way to say this, but we are obsessed with food shaming. We live in a culture where eating the ‘right food’ in ‘right amount’ is the only possibility for achieving the ideal body shape. If we fail to follow this, a host of irrational and uncomfortable thoughts consume us where we feel that any treat we indulge in will result in us being overweight.

Loosely translated, eating food labelled as ‘wrong’ or ‘junk’ proclaims us as bad decision makers. But here lies the loophole. It’s not just food that we categories, we also categorise ourselves as ‘worthy’ or ‘unworthy’ through the decisions we make. There are studies that explain how the phenomenon of feeling guilty works. The more we feel wrong or erroneous about something, the more we obsess about it. This flaw of obsessing over something too much, ultimately makes us feel like we are the bad guy.

How do I follow a guilt free diet to lose weight?

Even though many of us feel differently and are not going to stop eating those baked cookies or that veggie pasta, there are still some of us choose to cut these meals completely from our diet because we are fearful that they will add to our weight.

But the truth is removing a particular food group or item out isn’t the most appropriate thing to do. The catch here is to look for ways to stop your apology cycle.

How about becoming more mindful while preparing our favorite meals ?

While most of us feel that regular pasta is a cause for unwanted digestive problems, leading to obesity, there are certainly ways we could eat a healthier version. A good strategy could be to replace it with whole-wheat pasta. Also, for many people their ultimate comfort food is a pizza. A healthy alternative to the regular pizzas made with processed flour would be a thin whole wheat crust with toppings of vegetables, prawns, diced chicken.

How about becoming more mindful while preparing our favorite meals ?

Of course, most of us do enjoy a sweet treat at the end of the meal.

Imagine how swiftly our cravings are aroused by the thought of a jar full of candies.

Overindulgence in these sugary treats is definitely a trigger for sugar-related problems. However, our sugar rush can be sufficed by with a bowl of freshly cut raspberries, kiwis, juicy apples, blueberries, etc. So it’s possible to relish something sweet and at the same time keep a tab on our health.

This way, we can honour our cravings, without worrying much about our choices. We ought to acknowledge that we do crave certain foods because of the pleasure they bring. But replacing these feelings of cravings and guilt with positive assertions is required to change our thoughts, when it comes to food.

tips for satisfying guild free eating

We at health click away, not only provide you with some hidden health secrets but also help you enjoy your favourite food without feeling culpable. Download the smartest health and fitness app Health Click Away to stay fit and eat guilt free.

Because remember, a little care-free eating hurts nobody.

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