“Healthy diet for Natural weight loss?”

“Healthy diet for Natural weight loss?”

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A healthy balanced diet is the one that helps maintain the overall body’s well being. A healthy diet provides daily essential nutrients, fluid, macro and micronutrients, and sufficient calories to meet daily activities’ needs.
A healthy diet must include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and should not include processed/ packaged food or minimize the use of these products. Do watch the video below to know much more about ‘Healthy Diet for Natural Weight Loss”, Facebook LIVE we had on August 29th, with HCPC registered Dietitian Ms. Ramanpreet Kaur, London. In this video you will get the answer to the following questions:

  • How many calories are required to lose weight naturally?
  • What are the Macronutrient and their components of a healthy diet?
  • Can someone eat rice and flour when trying to lose weight naturally?
  • What are micronutrients and their role in a healthy diet?
  • How much fluid do we need? Do tea, coffee, Fruit juice, fizzy drinks, etc count?
  • How much sugar and salt one should have?
  • General advice to people who wants to lose weight or to live a healthy lifestyle?

The key to a healthy balanced diet is to eat everything but in moderation. Even healthy food should be taken in moderation.

“Not starvation, but moderation is the key.”

Focus on foods as natural as possible and getting a variety is essential to get all nutrients and benefits out of food, for your precious health.

Download and start using the smartest health and fitness app Health Click Away, to track your macro and micronutrients. This app will help you stay within your calorie budget for the day, if you can’t make it some of the days, that’s fine too, cheat days are fine too. Don’t focus on being a perfectionist, its okay if you fall out of your calorie budget some days, but don’t get demotivated and don’t leave logging your meal, important is to stay consistent because-

Good Health Is Not A Choice, It Is A Necessity.

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