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Path to health Journey

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What is a Healthy Weight?

It’s the body weight that makes you feel good about yourself, energetic and which lowers the risk of health issues.

How to maintain a healthy weight?

In the time when fast food and vending machine snacks are the lifelines, no cooking and processed food are easy to find and has become a fashion or “DIVA” thing; people are finding it challenging to maintain a healthy weight. And with busy lifestyles, when physical activities and exercise is on the last priority list, our body is getting prone to catch diseases.


But staying fit is not as difficult as it looks like, and as you know, health is just a click away with the app Health Click Away. So here are some Do’s and don’ts to stay healthy –

Staying healthy is not about starving yourselves or going on a diet or eating, which is not satisfying. It’s about making healthy and tasty food choices of what you eat, which gives you happiness and feeling of content. What we eat and how we perceive it, make a lot of difference in our mind and body.

“If you are satisfied from inside, then you are satisfied from outside. If you are feeling happy and content by whatever you are eating, it will have a positive impact on your health.” By Ruchika Gupta (CEO, Health Click Away)

Eating healthy means eating a variety of food to get all the nutrients required by the body. Our body gets energy from carbohydrates, fats, and protein. These essential nutrients keep our body active, heart beating, and muscles working.

Every day eat in a combination of everything, which includes-

*Fresh Fruits and vegetables

*Milk products like yogurt (curd), milk, cottage cheese or any cheese

*Intake of protein like beans, lentils, legumes (pulses), eggs, soy, fish, meat


*Dry fruits

*Whole grain and cereals

*Drink enough water


The main thing is to eat in MODERATION- not too much and not too little. Even if you are choosing healthy food; still, you need to eat as per your body requirements.

“Never curtail your taste bud, just curtail the portion size”- by Ruchika Gupta (CEO, Health Click Away)

Cheat days are okay too, but by just becoming little conscious of what we are putting in our mouth, we can achieve our goals. As we become aware of our intake, then our mind becomes active and stops us from doing injustice with our health.

Keep healthy snacks handy with you, like fresh fruit, dry fruits, yogurt, cheese, baby carrots, nuts, popcorns, whole wheat crackers, etc. Avoid too much salty and oily things. Thus, it will help you control your craving to buy chips, sodas, and candy bags from the readily available vending machines.

Make good food choices when you do groceries. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables, which come handy like baby carrot, cherry tomatoes, celery sticks, avocados, apples, which you can carry with you when on the go. Avoid all-purpose flour, processed and packaged food, and canned food. Try to buy things which have a low shelf life as it contains less harmful ingredients or look for items with minimum ingredients (chemical). If you are not sure about any ingredient, you should online search for its nutritional value and decide whether it is perfect for your or your family’s health.

Stay active, as it helps in burning calories. By being proactive, you can lose fat and build lean muscle, and it even makes the body reach the level that it will increase your metabolism and burn your calories even when you are at rest.

Try to stay active for 1 hour, which can include anything or a mix of few things like brisk walking, working out in a gym, yoga, running, swimming, climbing stairs, sports, cycling or even household work like vacuuming or mowing the lawn, or the best is run and play with kids.

Don’t starve and make yourself deprived of anything. Don’t eat anything which is not giving you happiness and satisfaction. Also, “Diets” are temporary and make you think about food all the time and make you end up overeating. Instead of craving, create any tasty yet healthy recipe and enjoy it. Look for some of the recipes at HEALTH CLICK AWAY’s community.

Just keep in mind that whatever body god has given us, we have the responsibility to take care of it and feel proud of it. A healthy body comes in all sizes and shapes. Our motive should be to stay healthy and at a distance from any health issues.

“Healthy body is a healthy mind, and vice versa”- by Ruchika Gupta (CEO, Health Click Away)

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