Is Microwave cooking harmful?

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Is Microwave cooking harmful?

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You must cherish the comfort of heating your food at 12 midnight in your microwave after coming back home from a late shift. Wasn’t it a life-changing decision to opt for this magical appliance? Microwave is obviously an innovation which made things simpler and faster, making it the most preferred choice by a large number of people. 

The preference for cooking through a microwave oven has increased over the years, which is apparently arousing people’s concern about how harmful radiation can become damaging for one’s health. This concern is essential as getting blinded by the pros of this innovation can lead to ignorance of its cons which might be more than the stated beneficial aspects.

Microwave cooking uses energy that is considered similar to radio waves but much shorter. They are surprisingly selective, affecting the water and other molecules that are electrically asymmetrical. These molecules are being vibrated, leading to the production of thermal energy, which is the cause of the heating up of food.

In the modern era, it is becoming easier to reach the frozen meals in your freezer, read the stated directions from the back, and likewise popping it into the microwave leading to your meal being cooked within three minutes

The biggest assumed disadvantage to this is how the nutritional value of every meal is completely extracted by the radiations this appliance produces. However, research suggests that nutritional differences between food cooked by conventional methods and that cooked using microwaves is minimal.

But, researches conducted all over the world have also issued certain warnings about how adversely the microwave ovens can harm, not only the human bodies but also the environment. The carefree attitude of people leads to them heating their food without taking off the plastic wrapped around it. This can cause a major side effect on health as you invite the creation of carcinogens in your food. Not only this, but the food is heated in the plastic containers also releases this element, causing the toxin level in your body to increase once the food is consumed.

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Microwave is not just restricted to causing digestive issues but rather it can cause problems in various organs of your body as well. Doctors and Scientists believe that the 2.4 GHz radiation of a microwave oven can harshly affect the heart rate and the heart rate variability of a person. People having a sensitive heart are advised not to consume microwave-cooked food for it can lead to serious health problems. The non-ionizing radiation of a microwave oven can also generate the possibility of building cancer within your body.

It is true that this innovation is surrounded by enormous cons, but it doesn’t mean that one should completely discard it’s usage in their daily life. Everything carries certain disadvantages with itself, but that is when the choice of wiser application of these products comes in the picture. Avoiding using a microwave for various food items can help reduce your exposure towards it’s radiations. 

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