4 Reasons for feeling hungry right after a meal


4 Reasons for feeling hungry right after a meal

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Still searching for snacks in your refrigerator even after having a full fledged dinner? Or craving a midnight burrito while worrying about your nutrition plan?

Well if this isn’t the most obvious thing, then what is.

It is a fact that a lot of people feel hungry even after eating. Even though the researchers believe that one should be able to go three to four hours without getting hungry, after a grand meal, it is still becoming a major issue for people to face. 

It is true that your body relies on food to gain energy, which makes it okay for you to feel hungry. But it can become a problem for your health when you find your stomach causing a constant rumble.


There can also be times where you might feel full after eating but your cravings and desires to eat more might tickle your nutritional routine and ultimately you end up eating through the day without any relevant and required gaps.Certain factors demonstrate the possible reasons of why you might feel hungry on a frequent basis.

People following a highly restrictive diet are believed to feel hungry more often. The reason being fewer intake of calories within your body, causing it to produce the ‘ghrelin’ hormone, also referred to as the ‘hunger hormone’. A very low calorie diet can increase the production of it in your body and you might feel hungry even if you’ve just had your meal.

Researches from 2015 and 2017, state the fact that eating a high-sugar diet can also be the cause of a person’s excess want for food. Consuming too much sugar can easily lead to an increase in one’s appetite. The same hunger-promoting hormone is believed to be released in your body, causing an increase in the stomach emptying rate. Certain studies also suggest that consuming a less protein-rich diet can be a constant cause for them to feel more hungry too. That is why it is suggested to increase the amount of protein within your meals or even your snacks, for keeping a steady appetite throughout the day.


Your unplanned appetite is not just restricted to these factors, but are surrounded by certain psychological issues as well. Not getting enough sleep or having constant stress stuck within your head, can disrupt your body’s natural hormones, which is a major reason why most people feel a constant need for food. Sleep disruption and stress can become major causes for a variety of health conditions like diabetes and obesity as people experiencing these issues spend most of the time craving for a random bite, creating problems with their appetite control.

One should know that it is alright to feel hungry and treat yourself with some random meals occasionally. But sooner or later, it might become a pattern and you might end up feeling guilty for your decisions.

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Remember – “First we make our habits, then our habits make us.”

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