Easy Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

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Easy Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

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Hey all, wanna know the secret formula to lose weight NATURALLY?

A lot of people think that the formula can be very elusive and substantial.

Step 1- Quitting all your favorite food.

Step 2- Hours and hours of exercise and sweating out extra calories.

But here’s the thing. The formula is very SIMPLE and NATURAL.

Losing weight and having perfect body shape with abs is the ardent desire of most of us. But how good is weight loss which is not permanent and comes back? Instead of this[1] , we should opt for a natural way to burn belly fat, keeping in mind the nutrition requirement of your body and knowing what is suitable and beneficial for your body is needed.


“FOOD WITHOUT ANY PACKAGING LABEL IS THE BEST FOOD.” Any foodstuff that comes after processing contains hidden calories, which rather than reducing, escalate the weight gain. So, instead of packaged food, opt for fresh fruits and vegetables, like instead of packaged kale chips, go for fresh kale.

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PROTEINS help to make you feel fuller for longer

According to Nutritional guidelines, 1 gram per kilogram can be a sensible amount to consume. Having some sprouts or high protein breakfast can promote a feeling of fullness and reduce your appetite. Incorporate some protein into all meals.

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Consuming whole grain food can help you reduce processed food, and it has several other benefits. It is healthier from a nutritional standpoint as it has macro and micronutrients. The extra fibre is also helpful to your gut bacteria.

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Controlling intake of added sugar can help prevent obesity which increase the risk of life-threatening diseases like diabetes. Coming out of a sugary spell can be tough but not impossible. Keep track of sugar cubes you add in your drink and other sugary drinks.

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Drinking 7-8 glasses of fluid helps to stay hydrated. At times our body cannot differentiate between feelings of hunger and thirst so drinking enough may help you eat less.  How to know if you are getting enough fluid? The health and fitness app “Health Click Away” will help to track your fluid intake.

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Exercising is a great way to lose body fat. It is a boon not just for physical but also for mental health, which indirectly plays an essential role in weight loss. Any physical workout, be it cardio, cycling, hiking, swimming, any sport, even walking 10,000 steps are proven to be helpful in weight maintenance.

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Being conscious about what you put in your mouth rather than just binge eating has proven significant benefits in weight loss. Emotional eating makes you mystified about accurate hunger cues—mindful eating makes you aware of food-related triggers and how to respond to them. Keeping a check on your food behavior and cravings increase the chances of success in weight loss.


Eat fresh and slowly. Reduce any distractions while eating, which can cause you to eat more.

Sound sleep is necessary to rejuvenate yourself. Getting enough sleep helps in reduced cravings.

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Be realistic in your approach and start with small healthy steps. Create healthy plans for yourself and stick to them. For a lucrative response, check out what fits for your lifestyle. Your health should be your priority. Make sure  you reach your health goals safely and sustainably because “Slow progress is better than no progress.”

With Health click away, start your journey to a Healthier You. Health Click Away helps you to stay fit and healthy by tracking progress toward target steps. Keeping track of workout motivates you and keeps you on the right path.

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