Quick Tips To Lose Weight Naturally

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Quick Tips To Lose Weight Naturally

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quick tips to lose weight naturally

Being ‘Overweight’ is one of the main culprits of most of our health issues. Therefore, it’s necessary to maintain a healthy weight. Losing weight is not as difficult as it seems. There are many myths about losing weight like starving yourself or going on crash diets or eating only salads, but one can lose weight naturallyjust by being a little mindful of his/her own lifestyle. The smartest fitness and health app – “Health Click Away”, designed to help individuals live healthier lives is a great health companion to help you LOSE WEIGHT ‘Naturally’. Little changes in your lifestyle can help you live a healthy and happy life forever.

Excerpt from Health Click Away Facebook live with Dr. Aj, on 23rd May 2020 on “Tips To Lose Weight Naturally”-

(1) Anything which is measured and monitored can be controlled, so weigh yourself often.
(2) Create a food diary- Log your meals to calculate calorie intake.
(3) To organize your life, pre-plan your meals- Create diet plans and shop for groceries ahead of time to save time, effort, and money.
(4) Introduce a routine 30 min exercise to stay active Working out in a gym or practicing heavy weight lifting is not the only way to burn calories, just a simple walk inside or outside your house can help you burn calories.
(5) Follow a sleep routine.
(6) Track macronutrients.
(7) Limit your intake of liquid calories.
(8) Eat fresh food, limit the consumption of processed/ packaged food (9) Add protein in every meal.
(10) Drink water at regular intervals-To increase metabolism and cleanse the body from toxins.
(11) Love yourself and enjoy the process.

Check out the video below to listen to the talk with Dr. AJ. He is a renowned practitioner with over 30 years of experience in Houston, Texas, USA. He is the former chairman of Anesthesia and pain in Methodist Baytown Houston and has performed more than 1.2lakh procedures.

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