Scientific way to lose weight: simple ways for a healthy life

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Scientific way to lose weight: simple ways for a healthy life

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In today’s life, in some ways, everyone faces some health challenges. It can be some chronic health issues, difficulty in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, excess body weight, unhealthy eating habits, body pain, or even stress. Everyone is busy in their lives and not getting enough time to spend on themselves, which causes them to adopt unhealthy eating habits. The smartest health and fitness app “Health Click Away” provides a platform to ease everyone’s life, helping them become accountable to themselves, get better control of their lives, encourages mindful eating; thus, eat guilt-free still lose weight and can live a healthy life. 

Excess body weight is the leading cause of most of the health challenges, and those who want to lose it sustainably, the safest amount to weight loss per week is between 1-2 lbs. Those who lose weight using fad diets are much more likely to regain that weight loss very soon.

In our talk with HCPC registered dietician Ramanpreet Kaur, London University, on 20th June 2020, on “Tips To Lose Weight Naturally,” we came across tons of useful information regarding macronutrients, mindful eating, ways to natural and holistic weight loss.

Check out the video below to get the answer of the following questions –

  • Can I lose weight naturally?
  • Can I eat guilt-free, still lose weight?
  • Is it necessary to weigh yourself often, if someone is planning to lose weight?
  • How many calories should I consume to Lose weight?
  • What kind of fats should I cut back on to lose weight?
  • what role does protein play in weight loss?
  • Which carbs is good to lose weight?
  • Importance of vitamins and minerals in Weight Loss?
  • After a heavy meal, should I skip the next meal to compensate?
  • How does water help in losing weight?
  • Is it true that I can have all the grilled chicken, still lose weight?
  • After eating my meals, how long should I wait to get the fullness cues?
  • What is mindful eating?
  • To lose weight, what is the role of meal planning?  – Why logging meal and maintaining a food diary is vital to losing weight naturally?

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