Smart Eating over Less Eating

Smart eating over less eating

Smart Eating over Less Eating

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For generations, we have reinforced the notion of losing weight by eating less and exercising more. Is that even correct?

According to researchers, most people who start their weight loss journey are misled by the myths of society. Some of them being try eating less, others starve themselves, and still others work out excessively. All these can adversely affect the health of an individual.

Through the years, researches have suggested little changes like mindful eating and physical exercise (as simple as a walk) that can help improve one’s lifestyle.

Instead of starving, people can switch to:

1) Eating healthy
2) Avoiding junk food
3) Drinking plenty of fluids
4) Regular exercising

smart eating

People have different body types, belong to different age groups, so food patterns and exercises affect them differently. It is essential to understand what suits your body. You can stay healthy by eating a variety of food. Remembering to log in your daily meal composition can help you understand how different foods make your body feel, so that you can plan your meal-prep accordingly.

To lose weight, you don’t have to give up entirely on your favorite foods. With some knowledge and meal- planning, you can eat healthy 80% of the time, taking into account the times you attend a social event where you can’t choose the foods that you would want. But that’s alright, you can still lead a healthy, happy life without having to stress over eating healthy 100% of the time, just by prioritizing eating right on most days.

Choosing healthier options that contain fewer calories is another way to eat smart.

healthy eating

Planning your diet saves you a lot of time, prevents you from overeating or indulging in unhealthy eating options, giving you more control over your body. It helps you choose healthy foods thereby limiting your calorie intake as per your body’s requirements.

Eating healthy includes choosing both, healthy foods and healthy practices. Healthy foods contain a high amount of nutrients such as carbohydrates and proteins and low amounts of sodium, saturated fats, and added sugars.

Eating in MODERATION is key too- not too much and not too little. Even if you are choosing ‘healthy food’; you still need to eat as per your body’s requirements.

Intake of fiber and liquids is also an essential part of cleansing the body, regulating bowel movements, and removing harmful toxins from it.

smart eating over less eating

The most important meal of a day is breakfast. Skipping breakfast prevents you from gaining all the energy you need for the day and makes you more prone to diseases.

Exercising is as important as choosing the right diet. A simple walk daily for at least 30 minutes improves your cardiac health, lowers your blood pressure, promotes circulation of blood in the body, and helps in weight loss.

Excessive exercising however does more harm than good. Hence it’s important to prioritize meal planning so that you always have something nutritious to put into your body.

Don’t forget that choosing the right level of fitness training according to the needs of your body is also critical to develop a healthier, more fit ‘You’.

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