Jessica Guicheteau | Weight Management Professional | Functional Training in Marion
Jessica Guicheteau - Weight Management Professional, Functional Training, Circuit Training

Jessica Guicheteau

Weight Management Professional, Functional Training, Circuit Training

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Want a chance to work with a health & fitness professional? Would you like to kickstart your journey with a regular workout schedule that is tailored for you, keeping in mind your weight, height, physique and meal preferences? Would you like to have access to a timely workout plan from anywhere in the world?


Introducing to you The Health Click Away Online Training Portal

A one stop approach that will keep you feeling happier, healthier and more fit. With the app, Online Training with an experienced professional is always right around the corner. The app’s ease of use provides a special advantage to clients helping them stay motivated every step of the way, not just for a day or week but for years to come.


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Connect with a certified personal trainer via FaceTime and share your health goals, exercise types , if any, that have worked for you in the past, any injuries or health issues you have, your preferred location of training and workout timings that would be convenient to you, or anything else that would serve to help you succeed and thrive.


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Choose a Training Plan from a plethora of options that work within your budget. Once you select your desired training plan, you will be able to get in the groove right away, and will be given access, to all the tools and techniques that will steer you towards a healthier lifestyle.


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Need a little motivation to keep you going? Fear not! We understand that committing to a Training program requires intense dedication and hardwork. So we have created a community - a place where you feel safe and secure, a place where you can speak about what is and isn’t working for you and stay in touch with other clients, that like you, are learning and growing.


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At Health Click Away we offer a personalised experience, giving you the very best we have to offer. You will always have the opportunity to reach out to our certified health & fitness coaches and understand and learn more and more every time. It’s all about commitment and with a qualified human to support you there’s no better way to be on top of your game .

Jessica Guicheteau

My name is Jessica Guicheteau. I’m a certified;licensed holistic health and nutrition coach. I’m excited to help you with your nutrition goals, meal planning, and wellness goals for a healthy lifestyle.